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Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I am moving to San Francisco. Here is why.

Backstory: I lived in Panama for the last 5 years. The last 3 of those years, a couple buddies and I had a sweet-ass boutique hotel in a gentrifying historical neighborhood. My job was the grinder-in-chief.

Our hotel started out small. But with a focused effort, it grew. More guests = more apartments. More apartments = a building. A building = more buildings (in the future). I found that building the business was an equation. Once I learned how to solve it, I simply had to up the ante.

Growing a business was exciting. It made me feel like a successful entrepreneur. Yet, there was something missing. The hotel business did not fulfill me.

Achievement is a science, fulfillment is an art form.

I didn’t know my art of fulfillment. So I traveled. Traveling has a special way of clearing the mind.

I invited my mother to come along. We traveled around the world for 1 year (currently writing a book about it).

Spending a year traveling with my mother changed our relationship. It went from ordinary to extraordinary. One of the reasons our relationship was transformed was because she gave me clarity.

My mother has dedicated her life to social work. She ran programs that helped underprivileged youths unlock their potential. Every single day she knew her contributions made a difference. My mother had purpose.

Purpose. I admire it in my mother. Yet, I haven’t found it for myself.

I thought about purpose. Long and deep. When I was on the road, I’d stare aimlessly over a distant horizon and ask myself a question.

Question: What is the biggest threat facing humanity?
Answer: Dirty energy.

Dirty energy is evil. It burns hydrocarbons that pollute the air we breath. Most dangerously, the burning of hydrocarbons releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Science overwhelmingly says that high concentrations of carbon dioxide is disastrously changing our climate. It is possibly apocalyptic. Even if I denied the science behind Climate Change, the world still needs to switch to clean and renewable sources of energy. Dirty energy is finite. The switch to clean energy is inevitable.

We need to transition to clean energy. This is where I’ll focus my entrepreneurial energy to make a contribution. This is my purpose.

Clean energy has a lot of momentum. Elon Musk is disrupting the dirty auto industry with electric cars. Stanford professor, Mark Jacobson unveiled a plan to transition to 100% clean energy by 2050. A clean energy future is in sight.

Every night, I research clean energy. During my research, one thing became clear. The road to a clean energy revolution goes through San Francisco. If I want to get involved, I must move there.

Moving to San Francisco is a risk. I don’t know many people there. I know absolutely no one in the clean energy industry. I don’t have work experience in the energy industry. In fact, I dropped chemistry in college because it was too challenging. I have no income and my savings are dwindling.

The biggest asset that I have is enthusiasm. Luckily, Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nothing great was every achieved without enthusiasm.”

Fuck it. I’m going on a journey down to San Francisco to help change the world.

I’m on the road again.

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Evan Terry Forbes – who has written posts on Eye On The Road.
I'm working on my third book, Travels With My Mother. It's the story of our trip around the world.

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